Week 14

Total weight gain: WTF. The scale says 10 pounds. Last week was only 5.5!?!

Food of the week (a.k.a. size of baby): Lemon

Pregnancy signs (mostly TMI): The God of Trimesters must be confused; I’ve been nauseous every day from about 9 to noon. Also, those pesky vaginal pains are back. Acne is still out of control. And, I have noticeable bump. Not sure how much is baby or burrito, but it’s there.

Worry of the week:
What if the baby isn’t alive anymore? It’s tough when you can’t feel anything.

Maternity clothes: Can’t do the dress pants with the side clasps anymore. Tried to keep the two sides together with a paper clip, and my pants kept bursting open at work when it would fall off. In other news, got even more maternity clothes from a friend.

Weekly sins: Exercise? What’s that? (see Total Weight Gain)

What I am looking forward to: Going to do Pregtastic tomorrow!

Milestones: Your baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck his thumb! Thanks to brain impulses, his facial muscles are getting a workout as his tiny features form one expression after another. His kidneys are producing urine, which he releases into the amniotic fluid around him — a process he’ll keep up until birth. He can grasp, too, and if you’re having an ultrasound now, you may even catch him sucking his thumb.

Quote of the Week:
Me (while writhing in bed with a cold): I’m sooooo sick. I can’t take any cold medicine. Ughhhhhhhhh.
Charles: Well, I never take cold pills when I’m sick
Me: Well you don’t have a baby inside of you sucking out your life forceSHUTYOURMOUTH

Pregnancy-related Tweets:
— Pregnancy Fun Fact: 1/500 children are born with an extra finger.
— Just tried to resked big gender ultrasound to before Xmas. Turns out the earliest I can have it (based on my due date) is Dec. 25. FAIL.
— Just woke up from a dream in which Lee Adama wasn’t too thrilled that we were having a baby together.

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