The Big Ultrasound

I was nervous and keyed up the night before, which is probably why Baby was kicking up a storm. I was pretty amazed to get five hours of sleep.

When I woke up, I started reading about other women’s ultrasounds, where they learned about a host of anatomical and chromosomal problems with their babies (BAD INTERNET!) and started getting anxious.

By the time we got to the hospital, I just really had to pee.

The appointment was in the basement of the hospital. I hate that place; not only does it look like a seven-story turd, but it’s where my father and Charles’ father were so sick. I can’t believe I’m giving birth there.

We were in the waiting room for vabout five minutes before a short man with a slight resemblance to Toby Maguire called us in. His first verdict: My bladder was way too full, and I got to pee right away. SCORE!

When I returned and got gelled up again, TechToby showed us the baby’s skull, brain, spine, liver, heart, etc. He said the baby was measuring a big older than its “due date,” and mentioned that my placenta was close to the cervix (for more on that, read previous entry). The best part was seeing the little hands and feet move on the monitor. Baby Crawford waved at us, I swear! I cried a bit.

I was nervous the entire time, mainly because I really wanted to find out the gender, and was certain that we’d be unlucky. So much was riding on finding out! But after about 30 minutes of measuring, TechToby said, “OK, let’s find out the gender!” He moved the magic ultrasound wand and BOOM, there was a little knob on the screen that told us the baby is a BOY!!!!

TechToby finished the ultrasound and left Charles and I alone so “the radiologist could check the images.” Ok, I’m sure that actually happened, but I also think they give the parents a few moments alone after finding out the gender. Well, we needed it! As soon as he left, I burst into tears, and Charles burst into tears and we just hugged and cried and hugged. A BABY BOY!!! LITTLE CHARLIE!!!!!

I had a slight preference for a boy, and I know Charles wanted one, so we were/are over the moon. In an instant, Baby had a name, an identity, a lifetime of unattainable expectations from his mother!

In church later that afternoon, when Charlie kicked, I felt this incredible sense of awe and thankfulness. I am going to be someone’s mama. I’m going to have a son! During Mass last Christmas, I told myself that I wanted to be pregnant next Christmas, and here we are, with a wonderful baby boy on the way!

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