Weeks 25 & 26

Total weight gain: OMGZOMGWTFBBQ

Percentage through pregnancy: 65%

Weeks until due date:

Food of the week (a.k.a. size of baby): An English hothouse cucumber, whatever that is.

Pregnancy symptoms:

— I’m beginning to arch backward when I walk to accommodate the extra weight on the front of my body.
— I admit it. There is some waddling going on. Not too bad, though.
— My boobs are so incredibly awesome. I find myself just staring at them in all their voluptuousness.

Worry of the Week: Movement. There are some days when there is a party in my uterus and others when I don’t feel a thing. On Tuesday, I was convinced that all of my amniotic fluid had somehow drained out of my body and that he was dead. As soon as I laid down at night, however, he started dancing around. Maybe it’s a relaxation thing? Thank goodness I have the doppler to listen for his heart beat whenever I need to.

Weekly sins: I cannot seem to sleep on my side. I consistently wake up flat as a board and think I have cut off the blood flow to my baby during the night. My midwife doesn’t think it’s a big deal. “As long as you’re not sleeping on a 2×4, you’re OK,” she tells me. Still, EVERYONE warns you not to sleep on your back.

Vulnerability: My pregnancy hormones (I assume) are making me feel extremely vulnerable. Practically every night I have a nightmare that Charles has left me, or that I’m completely alone, or that he’s died. I wake up feeling horrible and devastated. The thought of something happening to him paralyzes me. When I look in the mirror at my acne-scarred face or my rotund everything, I doubt whether Charles truly loves me or I’m just somebody that he ended up with. I feel there are so many other women that he’d be happier and more satisfied with, whether he thinks so or not. Where did my self confidence go??

To circumsize or not to circumsize: I am on the fence about this one. I was pretty convinced we’d do it until I listened to a Pregtastic podcast about the subject. Suddenly my reasons — it’s better for hygiene, he’ll get laughed at in the locker room, boys should look like their dads, right? — don’t hold up. In reality, there is absolutely no medical reason to circumsize a boy. And we’re not Jewish, so it’s not part of our religious culture.

Regarding hygiene, all you need to teach Baby Boy is to fold down the flap and put some warm water over the area. It’s similar to what girls do when making sure they’re clean. What if a girls’ vaginal folds were removed because of “hygiene”? That’s horrifying!! Is it OK just because 75 percent of parents do it?

Non-circumsized boys are becoming much more common, especially in the South and West where there’s a greater population of cultures that don’t do it (Hispanic, black), so there’s less of a chance that Baby Boy would be the only one in the gang that looks different. The reason that “boys should look like their fathers” means that we’re performing an unnecessary surgery for essentially cosmetic reasons. Is that really a strong enough reason to do it? Shouldn’t we have enough faith in our children that they’ll understand the difference on the off chance that they see their father naked and ask about it? For Charles and I, who aim to live our lives by trusting in science and data and logic, does circumcision make sense?

If Baby wants to do it in the future, he could choose for himself. The majority of men who’ve had a circumcision later in life actually report a decrease in sensitivity, and it is astonishingly rare for there to be some kind of surgical complication. The chances of something bad happening are actually higher when the surgery is performed on a tiny baby.

That being said, I am still not convinced. I don’t have much….um…experience with uncircumsized men. And for some reason, the thought of Baby Boy not being circumsized just doesn’t sit right with me. Is it a cultural reaction? Do I just not like the look of an uncircumsized penis?

Anyone have any thoughts about this?

Pregnancy moments of the week:

— Charles and I had the sweetest moment in the car. Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers” came on the stereo, and the lyrics just seemed to perfectly describe our hopes and dreams for Charlie:

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong somewhere close to me
Far away from your trouble and worry
You belong somewhere you feel free

Pretty soon, we were both crying. The love we felt for this unborn child filled everything around us. That song is so beautiful and now has such a special meaning for us.

— My mother, who still is referring to herself as Grandmamallama, mentioned that she bought a bunch of yarn to knit Charlie a baby blanket. So sweet!

— Cue “it’s a Small World” music: The guest for Pregtastic last week, the head of the local WIC chapter, mentioned that she used to work in New Jersey. Turns out she and my mother went to the same high school. My mother knew her brother. It was one of those amazing moments in life when you think a higher power is moving us around like puppets. She and my mother exchanged e-mail addresses, and I think they are planning a coffee date to dish about the podunk hometown.

— I hit 99 days to go. Double digits baby!

— Went to Babies R Us for the first time and felt incredibly overwhelmed and panicky. How am I supposed to know what I want and need? There are so many options! I’m attempting another visit this weekend with BFF Ashleigh, who will act as my sherpa.

Best pregnancy gifts:

— As thanks for taking their wedding photos, Uncle Don and new Aunt Savannah bought us our crib! Isn’t it fab?! Charles and I were drooling over amazing modern cribs at ducducny.com, but, alas, we don’t have $2,500 to spend on a crib.

— We also ordered sustainable cork flooring for the nursery!

Baby Milestones: The network of nerves in your baby’s ears are better developed and more sensitive than before. He may now be able to hear both your voice and your partner’s as you chat with each other. He’s inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is essential for the development of his lungs. These so-called breathing movements are also good practice for when he’s born and takes that first gulp of air. And he’s continuing to put on baby fat. He now weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches from head to heel. If you’re having a boy, his testicles are beginning to descend into his scrotum — a trip that will take two to three days.

Pregnancy-related Tweets:

— Twitter follow recommendation for moms: @First5CA
— Interesting article: Serotonin may be key to SIDS: http://www.babycenter.com/204_serotonin-may-be-key-to-sids_10327074.bc

— Charles talking to Charlie in-utero: You get to learn about the innovative melding of American brass band and modern turntable-ism asthetics.

— Watching the Dugger birth special and trying not to freak out (I’m at 25 wks NOW!!) Also in shock that they have so many kids.
— Had another episode this morning while watching The Soup when I laughed so hard I starting crying. Silly hormones!

— Substitute prof: How are you tonight? Me: Cold, wet, and pregnant. SP: Well, that’s no way to go through life!

— I am always hungry. This baby must be growing like mad.
— Had lots of compliments on my chic preggo outfit today.

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