Weeks 31 & 32

Total weight gain: 206.5, so 39.5 lbs. lol

Baby’s Weight: 3.75 lbs

Percentage through pregnancy: 80% — If baby were born now, he’d have a 97% chance of survival. Of surviving infants, the rate of serious medical complications is 15%.

Time until due date:
8 weeks (single digits, baby!); 56 days

Food of the week (a.k.a. size of baby): Jicama

Pregnancy symptoms:

— Occasional leg cramps that wake me up in the middle of the night.

— Occasional insomnia. What annoys me these days is not that I’m not falling asleep, but that Thursday the Cat chooses to whine, jump on me, or bring me a ball at the exact moment when I start to drift off.

— Charlie has been super active these past few weeks. Tiny kicks and flutters have made way for definite squirms, which makes belly watching much more entertaining. Seriously, I’ll stare captivated at my stomach for 20 minutes just watching him move around. I think the babe has been head down for a few weeks, because most of the movement is up near my ribs.

— But, now that he’s getting bigger, I’ll occasionally feel a painful jab when he decides to kick one of my organs.

— I transformed into Crazy Pregnant Lady one day last week. I came home from a long day at work and had just HAD IT with our messy, cluttered house. Our nursery is on the same floor as our living room, so all of the items that need to go in the nursery are strewn throughout our living area. For that reason, we hadn’t even looked at a vacuum for a month. I went on a tear throughout the house, driven by pulsating nesting hormones, essentially blaming my poor husband for the mess.

— I am unable to speak about or even think about The Velveteen Rabbit without bursting into tears. It started when friend Sarah received the book as a baby shower gift a few weeks back. On the car ride home, I reminisced about the story and broke into sobs when I got to the ending. When I told my mother the story of my breakdown, I started crying again. The waterworks clicked on a third time when we saw the book at a used book store during our maternity shoot. There is now a strict VR ban in our house.

32-week Appointment:
We have our next U/S during the second week of April to determine, once again, whether my placenta has moved up. At today’s appointment, my midwife essentially transferred her service over to an MD (with whom I meet before the U/S) since there’s still a good chance I can’t give birth vaginally. Midwife even used the term “schedule a C-section” aloud.

Hearing that really bummed be out, and that sort of surprised me. Until now, having a C-section seemed like something I’d have to think about in the future, and I never expected it to bother me. Today it feels real. Now, I don’t have any issues (in theory) about getting a C-section; I don’t have a vision in my head of the perfect birth; I don’t feel (at least at this point) that I’ll feel like I was cheated out of a vaginal birth.

But I’ve never had major surgery before. I’m nervous about what it will feel like, nervous about my anxiety issues triggering in a huge way, nervous about recovery and not being able to bond with Charlie immediately, nervous about how it may impact my ability to breastfeed….

I guess there’s nothing we can do except wait. For now.

Worry of the Week:

This first one is really, really silly. And slightly TMI. But sometimes, when I’m ….um…in the bathroom, I fear that I’ll cause my water to break.

— The second is more constant. Charlie is at the point where he has an excellent change of being OK if I had him early. Yet, I’m still afraid of pre-term labor.

Weekly sins:

Mmmm. For lunch today, I had only the second McDonalds meal of my pregnancy. And it was awesome.

— I got another pedicure (last one was for Robyn’s wedding), but I’m sure if that’s on the no-no list.

— The biggest sin occurred the day I drank 64oz of Diet Pepsi (not caffeine free) in about an hour. The preggo experts say one should limit caffeine during pregnancy to no more than 200mg a day — roughly 64 oz of sodie — but it was way too much. I felt that “caffeine buzz” and Charlie was wildly active for about an hour. Babies process caffeine way slower than adults (obviously), and I felt super guilty that I was causing him discomfort and pain.

I had the sweetest dream about my father. We were in this fancy-schmancy hotel lobby. He was wearing a tux and looked so happy and proud. He told me that he was throwing me a lavish baby shower at the hotel because he knew that he couldn’t be around when the baby was born. Dammit, now I’m crying.

Pregnancy moments of the week:

— On Sunday we had our maternity shoot with the amazing photogs at Reams Photo. Amy and Paul have been friends of ours for years, and gave us a free maternity shoot as their baby present. Their photography business is just starting to go gangbuster, and I feel thankful to have been photographed by them before Reams Photo really explodes. I don’t think I would have taken maternity photos were it not for this awesome offer; something about it just makes me feel self-conscious and weird (sort of why I don’t take weekly belly pix and why I’m not interested in getting a 4D ultrasound), but the experience ended up being really fun. We took photos at a used bookstore by our house and throughout our urban neighborhood. Can’t wait to see the pix!

— Charles and I got into a HUGE FIGHT last Saturday. Probably the biggest in years. It started over something baby-related, and escalated as stupid fights always do, and I cried a lot. The best thing about our marriage, however, is that we patched things up quickly and talked everything out. I love that man.

— The nursery is coming along great, mostly thanks to my amazing husband for putting all of the furniture together. It’s been an exhausting process (from the flooring, to the trips to IKEA, to the realization that we still have a long way to go), but Charlie is going to be so mod-chic.

Best Pregnancy Gifts:

— There is nothing as absolutely precious as the hats that Robyn knitted. Husband Charles ordered a hat for himself, and Robyn surprised us with versions for Charlie as he grows.

— Charles’ cousin Michelle gave us a free bottle sterilizer!

What I’m Looking Forward To: My first baby shower is tomorrow, hosted by my mama. Attendees mostly include Charles’ family and my mother’s friends, many of whom I don’t know. Planning this party has been quite the endeavor for my her, in a good way, I think. For the past two weeks, it’s all she’s talked about. And when I say it’s all she’s talked about, I mean that I’ve heard her repeat the same stories about the shower-to-be several times a day. Super cute for the most part; slightly aggravating after the eighth daily retelling. 😉

Baby Milestones:
By now, your baby weighs 3.75 pounds and is about 16.7 inches long, taking up a lot of space in your uterus. You’re gaining about a pound a week and roughly half of that goes right to your baby. In fact, he’ll gain a third to half of his  birth weight during the next 7 weeks as he fattens up for survival outside the womb. He now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair (or at least respectable peach fuzz). His skin is becoming soft and smooth as he plumps up in preparation for birth.

Quote of the Week:

— “OMG, you’re having triplets!” My boss, on a day I wore a super tight black dress that emphasized my belly.
— “What is she going to consult — your tits?” Charles, upon my insistence that we hire a lactation consultant if I find I have trouble breastfeeding.

Pregnancy-related Tweets:
— OMG. Check out how soon Charlie will be here! It wasn’t too long ago that the line was on the far left.
–Zomg. Just fell in love with this mobile. Baby Registry: Activate! http://tinyurl.com/zomgmobile
— Just found out my coworkers are planning a baby shower for me. Yeeeeeee! More cake!!
— Holy moly. One of my preggo friends gave birth today — five weeks early!

Photo Break:

Charles inspecting my belly — photos that made his mother cry. 🙂

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