Our Birth Story, Part 1

Well, today Charlie turns one week old. It’s been the most amazing, rewarding, terrifying, and difficult week of my life.

Waiting for Induction

We were scheduled for our induction on Friday. They said to call at 8:30 for a time to come in. As assumed, I got practically no sleep that night because of the anticipation.

The morning rolls around and we excitedly call. No beds available; call back at 10. Ok, we say. Let’s grab breakfast. We head over to a restaurant on the other side of the neighborhood we live in, and actually parked in front of our old house, where little C5 was conceived. Awwww. Good omen, right?

10 a.m. rolls around. We call. Sorry, still no beds. Call at Noon.

Hrmph. Now I’m starting to feel a bit antsy and frustrated. I am READY for this baby. Why aren’t you, hospital?

Noon. Still no beds. It’s a full moon. Crazy preggos popping out babies, they tell me. Same deal at every other hospital in town.

We had our previously scheduled non-stress test for 2 p.m., and the hospital told us to go to that. We’ll probably just stay there afterward, they say. A bed has to become available. Bring your bags to that appointment.

So we did. Amniotic fluid hadn’t changed that much, but it didn’t get better. Baby still looked good. The nurse called Labor & Delivery to see what they should do with us.



By this point, I’m exhausted, frustrated and downright angry (though logically I know I shouldn’t be). How dare all these pregnant women give birth today, I think. This is supposed to be my day. If I had known that I wouldn’t be going in today, I could have slept some. Arg! Now I know what the Virgin Mary felt. Stupid inn.

Instead of going back home – AGAIN – we went to a nearby Borders and browsed books for a few hours. We called at 5. Still no beds. Docs are changing shifts around 6:30 and they’ll assess the situation and call us back.

Sigh. OK. We go home. And wait. I try to watch mindless TV, but I can’t concentrate on anything. Our parents keep calling us every hour asking whether we knew anything. It was torturous.

FINALLY, we get a call. Can we come in at 8:30? Yes! Yay!!!!

When the time comes, we head over to the hospital, making sure to make a pit stop for our last pre-baby meal: Rubios. When the cashier asked me when I was due, I got to squeal, “We’re going into the hospital at 8:30!!!”

The walk into the hospital — encumbered with our bags — was an exciting and precious moment. We were on our way!

At check in, they told us they were giving us the biggest room on the floor — a birthing suite! Sweet! The room was gigantic, the view was nice, and we were ready for the next step.

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