My favorite things about Charlie (so far)

1. His rhino grunts when he gets hungry. Especially when he’s rooting. Grrrunt…grunnnnt.

2. His smell. I feel an electric current pulsating through my body when I inhale his scent. It’s intoxicating. I’ve heard that many mothers feel this way about their babies.

3. His chubby cheeksomgtheyaresoadorable.

4. His cool demeanor. He fusses and cries only when he needs to eat or be changed. And we’re slowly learning which cry is which (he also does a little dance with his feet when he needs to be changed). Once those things are taken care of, he’s as sweet as pie. He’s sleeping great at night. I don’t know what I did to be blessed with such an even-tempered baby.

5. His gray eyes. I’m sure they’ll change color and get more blue, but when they are open and staring into my eyes, I’m completely lost.

6. His pointy chin. Where did he get that?!

7. How much of my father I see in him.

8. All of his erratic arm and hand movements. I watched him move the first night in the hospital and felt phantom kicks from where he would make the same movements inside of me.

9. His unintentional smiles. I can’t even imagine the happiness and joy I’ll feel when they are purposeful smiles.

10. How much joy he’s brought to his grandparents’ lives.

11. The way it feels when he nuzzles into my neck.

12. How I miss him when I’m not with him. Yesterday, I spent 3.5 hours away from him and felt like my arm was cut off. I could smell him wherever I went and it was driving me mad that I wasn’t home with him. Perhaps this doesn’t bode well for the transition back to work….

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