Body After Baby

Charlie is almost a month old (zomg), so I thought I’d take stock of body after baby.


My body went through a lot when giving birth (hello third-degree perineal tear!), and the first two weeks were pretty tough physically. I could barely move and when I did I felt a lot of painful pressure and stinging. The bleeding was out of this world. I felt every stitch. Going to the bathroom was traumatic — and that’s when I made it to the bathroom! All of those muscles barely functioned and there were definitely some accidents. I woke up at night shivering, but covered in sweat from “night chills” caused by crazy preggo hormones leaving my body.

Within the last week, however, I’ve begun to feel a lot better. The pain is gone. The bleeding has finally subsided. The chills have abated. I’ve been walking and exercising without pain. I’m getting better at holding in the pee. 😉

I didn’t realize how tough it would be to care for a newborn while recovering physically. Damn, women go through A LOT before, during, and after birth. And I didn’t even have a C-section! I can’t imagine recovering from surgery.


I thought I’d get through pregnancy without any, but I’ve started to notice them as my body has begun shrinking. I have seven scattered stretch marks, about the diameter of a penny, only on the lower right side. Not bad at all.

BOOBS 2.0:

Dear God can I breastfeed until he goes to college?!


Still waaaay too tight. I really miss wearing it.


Weight Gain During Pregnancy: 55 lbs, bringing me up to an incredible 219 lbs

Current Weight: 194, a loss of 25 lbs so far

Goal weight when I return to work: 180, meaning I have to lose a very attainable 2 lbs per week

Ultimate Goal: Somewhere between 165 and 170


The exercise bug began to hit last weekend. On Sunday, Charlie and I took a 45 minute walk. I ellipticalled Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for an average 25 minutes. Today, I think I’m going to try my first run!! I hope I don’t pee all over myself.

My goal is to run the Carlsbad Half Marathon in January, so that leaves me roughly six months to get back in shape. Sounds doable. It will be nice when Charlie is old enough to go in the still-to-be-purchased running stroller

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