8-Week Appointment


There’s no doubt about it: My baby boy is chubby.

At yesterday’s eight-week peds appointment he weighed in at an astounding 14.1 lbs. I asked the nurse to check if the scale was broken. I mean, I thought he was a hefty baby, but 14 lbs? That puts him in the 95th percentile for children his age. He could body slam a one-month old and probably eat a newborn.

I’ve struggled with feelings of inadequacy for having to supplement with formula because I don’t have enough milk to satisfy him. But would I even be able to appease him with double the milk? I doubt it.

I asked his pediatrician whether we were feeding him too much. By my best guess, he’s averaging 28 oz per day between boob and formula. The doctor said he’s at the top of the curve, but isn’t worried about his intake or weight. He’s a hungry little guy!

Other stats:
Height: 23.78″, 85th percentile
Head Circumference: 16.18″, 90th percentile (and you thought I was exaggerating that 3rd-degree perineal tear)

In addition to his enormous thighs and planetary head, Charlie is doing great. All of his limbs still seem to be in the right places. And he definitely isn’t starving. Charlie rocked the tummy-time test, lifting and swiveling his head right on cue. Charles and I cheered.

Charlie also got his first vaccines (DTaP and Rota), wherein he screamed his balls off for 30 seconds then calmed down.

Finally, a note to pediatricians: Please introduce yourself. This was our first time meeting the doctor who would take care of Charlie throughout his adolescence, and he didn’t even say his name when he walked in the room. I know that you have a lot of patients, I know that you’re probably running behind, but take a moment to at least tell us who you are, even if you think we already know. Be courteous.

Any guesses for what Charlie will weigh at his 4-month appointment?

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3 Responses to 8-Week Appointment

  1. Jason Deeds says:

    I’m going to guess 16.66 😛 Have you guys thought about what you want to dress him up as for Halloween yet?

  2. Stacy says:

    If you’re looking for a great Kaiser pediatrician, try Dr. Norman at the Rancho San Diego location. She’s very personable, calming and she explains everything thoroughly.

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