We Can Haz Carrier?

The great babywearing search may have ended today, thanks to my awesome coworker, Tina.

I stopped in with Charlie to say hi (I officially rejoin the working world on Monday; more on that later), and talked about the different carriers I’ve tried. I really, really like the Ergo, but Charlie gets angry if I put him in there when he’s awake and alert (But, Mom, what if I miss something?!). I wanted something both forward and back facing, but not the Bjorn because I’d heard bad things about the strain it puts on baby’s crouch and mama’s shoulders.

Tina suggested the carrier she used with her daughter: The Pikkolo. I never knew this existed! You can wear baby inward or outward, depending on his mood. He sits on his butt, not crouch, and there’s good support on the shoulders and back for whoever carries him. Tina let me take the pikkolo home for a test drive.

Check out the video we made below (but not my back fat – yuck!). Charlie was a bit fussy (nap was needed), but I’ve been carting him around all afternoon and he seems really happy. When he got sleepy, I turned him around and he was out in minutes. Been sleeping for the past hour!

I’m going to use the carrier for a few more days to make sure Charles and I like it. Maybe we’ve found our babywearing solution!

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2 Responses to We Can Haz Carrier?

  1. tina says:

    YAAAAAY! 🙂 even got him to face in! go jess!

  2. Kate Owens says:

    Closest place for me to buy one is over 60 miles away (one way, even!). Boo 😦

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