Body After Baby: Update

Since I return to work tomorrow, I thought I’d take stock of Body After Baby.

If you recall, I ate everything I saw gained 55 lbs during pregnancy, bringing me up to a substantial 219 lbs. My goal weight for the first day of work was 180 – 39 lbs down.

Stepped on the scale this morning…..

180.5, bitches!

I’m sure I’ll poop out the other half pound, so I’m considering this goal achieved!

I attribute the weight loss to exercise, balanced meals (only one beer a day), breastfeeding (although I’m not sure how much effect this really had), and just plain forgetting to eat sometimes. Taking care of this little guy is non-stop work!

Below is a picture of me five days after Charlie was born (look at that tiny baby!); the second I took this morning. Go me!

Special thanks goes out to my new favorite stroller: The Bumbleride Indie. It is GENIUS to be able to exercise while spending time with my baby. This thing is pricey, but completely worth it. Incredibly light, expertly made, compact, and gorgeous! Charlie and I run about five miles when we go out. He chills in his car seat, looks at the world and is usually asleep in about 10 minutes.

I still don’t fit into any of my pre-Charlie pants, so tomorrow I’ll be choosing between maternity pants (so comfy!) or a skirt that fits.

Either way, you can bet I’ll be rocking red patent leather heels.

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4 Responses to Body After Baby: Update

  1. panicmonster says:

    Looking good!! Keep up the great work! Its so hard to lose the baby weight.
    I did ok immediately after child birth because I was breast feeding, but Postpartum Depression got its evil claws in me and began medications 6 weeks after baby was born… then I ballooned up again…. now baby is 3 yrs old and Im still battling the weight…
    Walking helps, but I do have issues with leaving my house 😦
    it never ends lol.

    But good luck to you. Im rootin’ for you
    PS Baby is sooooooooooo cute 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    You look so great Jessica!! I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow! Scripps is lucky to have you back!

  3. Lisa says:

    you so totally rock!

  4. Stacy says:

    You look FABULOUS!!!!! Keep up with the exercise and it will help keep the weight off and the PPD away – although PPD is pretty sneaky – but exercise def helps. I was actually skinnier one week after giving birth than I was before I was pregnant, but then PPD reared it’s ugly head and then the medications. eek! Two years later I’m still fighting the weight.

    You look amazing! Your hard work definitely shows!

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