Charlie Swims!

This past Labor Day weekend, we embarked on a new adventure with Charlie: Swimming!

Well, sort of.

Charles’ parents have a spa in their backyard that hovers around 90 degrees most of the time – a perfect temperature to introduce water to a baby. And my little guppy loved it, I think. He holds his cards close sometimes.

I was amazed at how he instinctively kicked and splashed his arms. And Charles and I pretty much died of cuteness. At one point, we even got teary eyed at the awesomeness of the moment (also, we cry a lot, don’t we?).

Below is a video that my mother-in-law took. I’m so glad we caught this on camera. There’s another video here that’s also pretty adorable.

In other news, my rack looks pretty great.

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One Response to Charlie Swims!

  1. Lisa says:

    awww so frikken cute!!! and YES girl, nice rack!

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