Mama Bear Unleashed

I am seething as I write this. I cannot believe the negligence of Ralphs.

I read yesterday that Abbott had issued a recall of five million cases of Similac formula because of beetle contamination (gross!). We supplement Charlie with Similac, so I checked our current box, and sure enough, it was on the list.

I went to Ralphs this morning to exchange it. The cashier told me that she’d heard about the recall and that I could grab a new box in the baby care aisle. I asked her if I needed to do anything else (this being my first recall return), and she said no and wished me a nice day.

It wasn’t until I got in the car that I thought to check the Similac website to ensure this new box wasn’t on the recall list. IT WAS. When I returned to the store, the cashier told me the staff hadn’t replaced the current boxes yet – something she didn’t think to check until after I had left the store with the carton of beetle guts I intended to feed my child.

First of all, this is something that should have dawned on her while I was in the store. Secondly, are you fucking kidding me that Ralphs hadn’t replaced contaminated formula that was recalled YESTERDAY?!?!?! This is my child’s health we’re talking about. I can’t begin to describe how unacceptable this is.

I just sent very a cutting complaint to the corporate office. You know, I carry enough guilt that I don’t produce enough breast milk for Charlie, and I depend on businesses like Ralphs to ensure my son is getting the safest product available.

So disappointed.

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6 Responses to Mama Bear Unleashed

  1. jasondeeds says:

    Wow, as a Customer Service Manager my jaw just hit the floor. This faliure on their part is insane on so many level. I could understand a couple (meaning 2) hours while they get the crew to pull it, but the next day no way. I not only hope you letter gets to them I hope they read this blog and respond to it.

  2. Sarah says:

    That is horrifying. As I mentioned I was dealing with Target for our formula, and they had pulled nearly all the powder from the shelves by the time I got there last night. Mind you, they did make me go through the regular product return process (looking it up on my credit card and all) but at least there was liquid formula for me to purchase, since Kieran is solely on formula.

    My concern now? Are the stores gonna run out of the liquid formulas that aren’t affected by the recall? I’m contemplating stocking up tonight just in case, as I don’t want to have to switch formulas again right now.

  3. Emma says:

    WHOA! I can’t believe that was considered acceptable by the management staff at your grocery. When we get issued a recall at my pharmacy (front store or pharmacy) the affected product gets pulled IMMEDIATELY. If it’s a really bad reason, we get notice before the official recall is even issued so that we can quarantine the product.

    And for Sarah – if you can find formula with reasonable expiration dates ( I have no idea how quickly liquid formula is date for), it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stock up. We’re still having trouble getting the McNeil children’s products, and that recall was MONTHS ago.

  4. Dan says:

    You have to look at it on the other side. The product was recalled yesterday, perhaps there was a directive to switch it out and through a series of events, it hadn’t been done yet. It’s possible that there are other things going on. The good thing is that you checked and crisis was avoided. Since there was no crisis, I’d just let it go. There are more important things to worry about. Good on you for checking the second box though.

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  6. Kevin says:

    I realize I’m missing the point, but I think post is chock-full of geeky coolness considering you were able to check if the new formula was on the recall list when you GOT BACK TO THE CAR.

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