Charlie’s First Thanksgiving

It seems so simple to say, but the love behind these words is deep and complex and complete:

Charlie, we are so thankful for you.


Charlie, on your first Thanksgiving…

You hung out with Grandma Z and the dogs…

You played one of your favorite games: Who’s the Baby in the Mirror?…

You and Uncle Dan unintentionally made the same weird face…

You pulled on Grandma B’s hair (that’s OK, she didn’t mind – too much)…

Aunt Rhianna introduced you to Christmas ornaments (typically Christmas comes after Thanksgiving, but Grandma Z had a scheduling conflict this year)…

And all of our family and friends named you as something for which they were grateful.

“I’m thankful for Charlie and for all the babies born this past year,” said Tio Juan. “They give us hope.”

Happy Thanksgiving, my son.

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2 Responses to Charlie’s First Thanksgiving

  1. Leyna says:

    Beautiful photos!! Great light!!! Make me nervous to take yours.

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