Charlie’s First Christmas: Part 2

First Ornament:
Mmmm. Tasty.

Grandma Z. Cuddles:
Grandma, you’re so pretty. Me? I’m a bit freaked out by this Santa guy you’ve been telling me about.

Christmas Bib:
Want to see a magic trick? In a few minutes, this will be COVERED in sweet potatoes!

Lunch, California style:
Tacos and Tamales? Blegh! I prefer plastic toys. *crunch*

Homemade Stocking:
Is it true that you and Dad call me the light of your lives so Grandma B chose a hot-air balloon because it looks like a glowing sphere in the dusk sky?

New Toy:

More Grandma Cuddles:
Thanks for my new book of baby animals!

I’m not sure what to do, but I love all this crinkly paper!

Christmas – Day 2: At Grandma Z.’s
Check out my adorable onesie!

What the heck?:
Her nose is much longer than mine.

New Hat:
I’m getting a little wild this Chirstmas. Get it?!

Wizard of NOM:
Making sure it’s OK for Grandma Z to read to me. Seems pretty safe.

Helping Grandma Z open presents:
There was WHAT In The City?

Handsome Dude:
I look so dapper, mom! Merry Christmas (whatever that means).

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One Response to Charlie’s First Christmas: Part 2

  1. Van says:

    Lovely post and photos, Mommy Jess! Merry Christmas!

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