Charlie’s First Birthday

Through the fog of sleep, I heard it: A tap-tap-tapping, just on the edge of consciousness. I opened my eyes to a pre-dawn, dark bedroom.

Tap-tap-tap, it went again. What the heck…?

And then, realization.

Fuck. It’s raining.

I turned to Charles, still blissfully ignorant.

Charles…Charles…wake up.


It’s raining.


Charlie’s birthday party later this morning? It’s at a park.

…..     Shit.

Fast forward several hours, a frantic phone call to Grandma B, several Tweet, email and text blasts to friends, and the party was saved. We hosted it at Grandma B’s, who runs a Montessori preschool from her home. Translation = Built-in activities for house-bound toddlers.

On a side note, we knew that rain was a possibility, but the interwebs gave only a 20% chance. The day before had been classic San Diego sunshine. And of course the sun broke free as soon as the party started.

But it didn’t matter. We all had a blast (after a few road bumps).

Charlie got assaulted by a girl:

Then he felt like he was burning up, so the two Grandmas checked his temperature (he was fine):

He lost his plaid shirt in the process (the one Mom painstakingly chose to highlight his beautiful blue eyes – ah well), but he didn’t mind.

He Skyped with Great Aunt Jerri in Sweden:

He hung out with BFFs Charlotte and Savannah:

If you remember, Charlie was born on Savannah’s birthday. In fact, Ashleigh had to leave my labor to go to her daughter’s first birthday party. Luckily (?), I was in labor 23 hours (hence the title of this blog), so she had enough time to get back and hold my leg for three hours of pushing. Thanks, Ash!

Anyway, back to the party….

Then, it was time for CAKE. If you’ve met me, you know that cake is very important in my world. I judge the success of social occasions (birthdays, weddings, baby showers) by the quality of the cake served. So Charles and I went all out: gourmet vanilla raspberry with butter cream icing, made by the most awesome bakery by our house.

The crowd gathered:

Charles and I helped Charlie blow out the candle:

And we waited for him to dive right in (he is his mother’s son after all) ….

Except he didn’t. He was such a little gentleman, gingerly bringing tiny pieces of cake into his mouth.

Well, for a while at least:

He received a ton of awesome presents from our awesome family and friends. His favorites were a stuffed bear-puppet from Great Uncle Barry and Aunt Sandy, and a framed set of spoons (SPOOOOOONS!) from my brother and sister-in law.

Overall, it was a wonderful day.

And Charlie slept very soundly that night.

Happy birthday, my baby.


VIDEO BONUS: Grandma Z purchased a video camera before Charlie’s birthday and gave it a test run at the party. She focuses almost completely on Charlie, and it’s interesting to watch his reactions to the conversations and reactions of the crowd.


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6 Responses to Charlie’s First Birthday

  1. Kate says:

    Your photos remind me of your wedding rehearsal dinner (held at the same location), and this makes me reaaaaally want some fabulous California guacamole. Oh, and can I enroll Carter at grandma B’s school please?

  2. Connie says:

    Hello Jessica,
    a big, yet unknown, hello from Austria, far, far away in good old Europe. I’m 27 years old and just loooooved listening to the Pregtastic Podcast on my way to work. That’s how I found your blog and read it ever since. You write it so beautifully! One can really feel your love and compassion for your family. And Charlie is adorable!! I am blessed with a little boy myself, he is eleven weeks now. Well, all I wanted is letting you know that you have a reader abroad 🙂
    Happy Birthday, Charlie!
    °°° Connie

  3. Rachel says:

    Finally someone with an unabashed love of cake! =)

    I also found this blog via Pregtastic and I’ve really liked reading your entries (especially your letters to Charlie). You’ve inspired me to start doing that myself.

    Also, I saw that giraffe at a play group the other day and I almost yelled Sofie!!!! (I’ve never seen one in person.)

    So, thanks for the lovely blog and sharing your experiences with us!

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