Baby- and Husband-less

6 girlfriends
4 days
72 hours in Vegas
0 babies
0 husbands/boyfriends
2 vacuum-sealed cases of rum/vodka

1 word: EPIC

This was the first time I’d been away from Charlie for an extended period of time and I didn’t know what to expect. Would I feel part of me was missing? Would I long to be home and regret taking the trip? Would I vow never to vacation away from them again?


It’s true that I missed both of my boys, and I worried about Charles surviving on his own.  Even though I could FaceTime with them both (really, how did we live without iPhones?), I missed being in the physical presence of Charlie – hugging him, holding him, smelling him, laughing with him.

But….it sorta ended there. I really needed this time away.

Between Saturday & Sunday, I spent 10.5 hours at the pool – basking in the glorious heat, re-reading Storm of Swords, working on a Word Search book (nerd alert!), and slurping down Diet Pepsis (Pepses?) with lime.

At night, I ate fantastic meals, danced at fantastic clubs, and drank lots of fantastic Rums and Diet Coke. Note to self: Next time, try not to leave your cell phone in the cab during a drunken haze.

I didn’t work, I didn’t study, and I didn’t have baby, husband, or house obligations. It felt freeing.

Besides all this, I think we had so much fun because we know how to do Vegas, so to speak. At 30, my girlfriends and I are no longer broke, stupid, and slutty. We opted for a nicer hotel, ate at pricey restaurants, upgraded to VIP tickets when we saw a show, didn’t get messy drunk, didn’t stay out every night to 3 a.m. (just one night), and felt comfortable doing our own thing when needed. With age comes wisdom, and we kept it classy.

It was a wonderful way to turn 30, surrounded by amazing women who are an inspiration to me in so many ways, women who recognize the value of getting away and reclaiming themselves for a weekend. Ash, Maggie, Krys, Julia & Lindsay, here’s to you.

And here’s to my amazing husband, in whose arms it felt so good to be when I returned, who took care of Charlie with gusto, managed to clean the entire house and greeted with me flowers at the airport.

As I rocked my beautiful baby boy to sleep that night, all I could think was how insanely, incredibly lucky I am.

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2 Responses to Baby- and Husband-less

  1. Speakstress says:

    I LOVE This post! I’m new to blogging, so I’m still trying to find my groove… LOL.. but I loved it! Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Lisa says:

    YES!!!! You had(have) it all! I am so relieved that this was an awesome time. :0

    AND YES! Isn’t Vegas at 30 the best!

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