Letters to Charlie: Month 19

My sweet boy,

Happy New Year! You’ve now been alive in three separate years: 2010, 2011, & 2012. Go you!

I wish I could write more about our adventures together, but I really don’t know how other bloggers do it. I just can’t find the time. And every time I bust out the computer in your presence, all you want to do is bang on the keys and cause havoc, and you inevitably wail when I take the computer away.

Speaking of wailing, you have become Emo Baby in the last several weeks. We understand that it’s a natural part of your development, but that doesn’t make it easy. You get frustrated so easily. You throw things and pound on the wall. You flail and kick and scream when you don’t get your way. You want what you want RIGHTTHISMINUTE and woe to the parent that tells you “No.” I understand how hard this must be on you. You’re learning about the world, testing limits, and you’re thwarted at almost every turn.

We’re trying to give you more control over your environment. When it’s time to eat a “goop,” for example, we hold out two for you to choose between. You stand there with a huge grin on your face, looking back and forth and back and forth. When you make your decision, you reach for it with triumphant gusto. Little do you know that you’re actually choosing which fruits/vegetables to eat. Hahahaha. Man, I love goop.

Let’s talk about something you love: your new Cozy Coupe. Grandma Z gave it to you as an early Christmas present and now nothing else exists in your universe. We take it to Starbucks, to the grocery store, to the park, to the mailbox. For the first few days, you woke up asking “Cah?….Cah?” When I explained the car lives in the garage and that it wasn’t available right that moment, you threw a fit (see Emo Baby above). I made the mistake one morning of not blocking your way to the car when I needed to put you in my car. I had to physically tear you from it limb by limb so that we could get you to school. THANKS A LOT, GRANDMA!

Speaking of holidays, you made it through another Christmas! You were much more aware this year, which made the season even more fun. We picked out a tree together and  you even helped decorate it by shuttling ornaments between your Dad and I. Every morning, you ran out of your room, pointed to the twinkling tree and yelled, “Cheeeee!” Besides the car, some of your favorite presents included a guitar from Ashleigh, a Bilibo from Uncle Dan and Aunt Rhianna, and word books from Grandma B and Grandpop Charlie.


My two favorite gifts came from your grandparents. Grandma Z gave me a gorgeous locket with your picture in it (and a blank space for a future sibling?….). Grandma B painted us a portrait from a picture I took of you in Sweden in front of a castle. Both made me cry; they know me so well. 🙂

Dad and I bought you a very exciting gift – a potty! You continue to tell us when you’ve pooped, and you decided it’s fun to take your pants off at random times. (Yesterday, I came upstairs to see half your butt hanging out as you and your Dad watched videos of garbage trucks. Such men!) When one of us uses the bathroom, you sit on your potty, too (fully clothed, for now). Eventually, we’ll take off your pants and eventually you will pee in the potty, and then we’re on our way.

My dear boy, although you’ve had a pretty emotional month, you’ve also shared with us some incredibly sweet moments. Sitting in your high chair the other day – flanked by your father and I – you pulled us close one by one and planted continuous kisses on our lips. You clapped for Dad when he shut off the beaters while baking. You tried to say my real name for the first time (I cried; surprise, surprise). You said, “Bye Bye bubbuh,” and waved when we took you out of the bubble bath.

I have to end this post by sharing how you and your Dad welcomed the New Year. We decided to reinstate our annual New Year’s party, but knew it would be impossible (and unwise) to keep you up until midnight. At 9:30, your father took you into your room to help put you to bed. It was rough getting you to sleep, as the noise from the party was much too loud, so your Dad stayed with you.

Around 10:45, I texted him to ask if you were sleeping. No response. At 11:30, as our guests kept wondering where your Dad was, I decided to check on you both. Charlie, you were sound asleep, sprawled out in your crib, happily in dreamland. Curled on the floor next to you was your father, also passed out. I put a blanket over him, crept back to the party, and let you both slumber peacefully.

Happy New Year, my amazing child. May 2012 be filled with exploration, excitement, love, learning, and, of course, your Cozy Coupe.

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2 Responses to Letters to Charlie: Month 19

  1. Paul says:

    I love these letters, Jessica. And I know that Charlie V will, too. Thanks for sharing them with us. Also, the shots of Charlie in his coupe are adorable!

  2. Mihai says:

    Lovely photos, he is so cute!

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