Post-Baby Bucket List

This post should probably be renamed “Post-Baby Bucket Items” because I really only had two.

1) Get back to my original weight. If you recall, I was an overachiever and gained nearly 55 pounds. When people tell me how happy Charlie seems, I credit all the cake I ate during pregnancy. But thanks to some PPD*, I got an accelerated start and hit the mark before Halloween.

Three weeks before Charlie's birthday. I gained another 3lbs by the time he arrived. Where did my chin go?!

A week after Charlie's birth. Rolls, rolls, and more rolls. Oh, and a shitty haircut.

Goal weight reached. Haircut still bad. Baby cute.

2) Run another half-marathon. This is the real reason for this post. Pre-baby, Charles and I liked to run. In fact, we ran seven half marathons in two years and did shorter runs each week (I liked to eat cake then, too).

I wanted to get back into racing after Charlie was born, but I didn’t think it was possible. My body felt different and regardless of how recently I’d peed, I ALWAYS felt like I had to go. I’d get to mile 8-ish and just be done.

Before the race. Feigning excitement.

Before the race. Feigning excitement.

Into my life came a new coworker, who mentioned she wanted to run a half-marathon. Last fall, we made a pact to run the San Dieguito Half Marathon in February (Charles, the old man, now has a bum knee and can’t run–major bummer). We kept each other apprised of our training, encouraged each other during setbacks, and, as race day approached, both made excuses as to how/why we were going to fail.

But we didn’t!

The course was gorgeous – winding, tree-lined hills past some of San Diego’s most elegant homes. It rained lightly during the course, which I actually found peaceful. There were not enough bathrooms and a killer hill right at the end, but I crossed the finish line in under 3 hours. It was my worst time ever but, hey, it’d been nearly three years since I’d run a race.

Running through purple words.

This achievement is up there among my proudest moments. I didn’t want to attempt it at first, knowing I was bound to fail. But I pushed myself and worked hard. And, most importantly, I believed in myself.

And, of course, I celebrated with cake.

The cake was at home.

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One Response to Post-Baby Bucket List

  1. lisaleyca says:

    You crack me up.

    And you should be proud. Go you. 🙂

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