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Letters to Jack: Month 2

Jackers Crackers (your first nickname!), This has been an exciting month, and by exciting I mean kind of awful. It started with you not sleeping at all during the day. Then it became crying when you were awake. Then it turned into screaming uncontrollably when you … Continue reading

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Letters to Charlie: Month 11

My joyful boy, This is the first month I haven’t posted this letter on time. I have a good excuse – we’ve been visiting Kate and her new baby boy, Carter, in South Carolina! I feel like we learned a … Continue reading

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Pump: Out!

The day has come; I am finished breastfeeding. I exclusively pumped for nine months. At 10 minutes a session, an average of five times a day, that’s 14,000 minutes, 233 hours, or nearly 10 full days spent strapped to that … Continue reading

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Pump it Forward?

Imagine this scenario, if you will. You’re a brand new mom. You want to breastfeed desperately, but you don’t have enough milk. And/or your baby hates to nurse. Perhaps it’s just genetics. Perhaps it was the emotional break you experienced … Continue reading

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A Christmas Miracle

The most amazing thing happened last night. Charlie nursed. You may have read about our breastfeeding issues here, or here, or even listened to it here. About four months ago I decided to exclusively pump because I could no longer … Continue reading

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New use for the pumping bag. I can’t believe it took him six months to figure this out. In other news, I’ve been (pretty much) exclusively pumping for six months. Is has NOT been easy. Go me! Go breastmilk! WOULD … Continue reading

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Time Management

4:40 p.m., over IM Coworker: I’ll see you at Happy Hour at 5-ish. Me: Whoohoo! Currently pumping. Coworker: Empty out those boobs to make room for beer! I love my colleagues.

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