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Letters to Charlie: On Your Second Birthday

My sweet boy, Wow. It’s been two years since we first looked into each other’s eyes; two years since I first held you in my arms and nuzzled your tiny, newborn nose. How much we’ve both grown since then! Today … Continue reading

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Letters to Charlie: Month 19

My sweet boy, Happy New Year! You’ve now been alive in three separate years: 2010, 2011, & 2012. Go you! I wish I could write more about our adventures together, but I really don’t know how other bloggers do it. … Continue reading

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Id, Ego & Super-ego

Special thanks to Husband Charles for designing and making our Halloween costume-shirts. Can’t wait for my mom to see them! 😉

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Conversations with Grandma Z

GZ: What’s Charlie going to be for Halloween? Me: Well, Charles and I thought about dressing up as id, ego and superego. GZ: What? Me: Yeah, you know, because Charlie is all emotion right now. He’d be id. I’d be … Continue reading

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Celebrating Five Years

Each year on our anniversary, Charles and I drive across town to visit the place where we were married – The Thursday Club. Last year, I was 11 months pregnant and very, very fat (also, I apparently had a horrid … Continue reading

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Charlie’s First Christmas: Part 2

First Ornament: Mmmm. Tasty. Grandma Z. Cuddles: Grandma, you’re so pretty. Me? I’m a bit freaked out by this Santa guy you’ve been telling me about. Christmas Bib: Want to see a magic trick? In a few minutes, this will … Continue reading

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Charlie’s First Christmas: Part One

Christmas was a special time for me growing up. I have warm memories of spending time with my family, my Dad yelling “Ho, Ho, Ho…Merry Christmas” up the stairs to wake my brother and me up (of course, we were … Continue reading

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