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Losing It: My Laugh Attack

My mother isn’t what you’d call a technogeek. For example, a few years ago during a troubleshoot call, I asked her to tell me what was on her desktop. “Dust,” she said. To be fair, she doesn’t give herself enough … Continue reading

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Sometimes We Just Need Our Mommies

It seems as if 2012 has been the Year of the Sick, at least for Charlie and I. We’re getting hit back to back, much to my husband’s chagrin (I’m a huge, whiney baby when I’m not feeling well). This … Continue reading

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Conversations with Grandma Z

GZ: What’s Charlie going to be for Halloween? Me: Well, Charles and I thought about dressing up as id, ego and superego. GZ: What? Me: Yeah, you know, because Charlie is all emotion right now. He’d be id. I’d be … Continue reading

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Letters to Charlie: Month 14 1/2-ish

My boy, The call from Grandma Z came at work. She was watching you that day, so I figured she wanted to give me an update on your adventures. “Jea?,” she said, her voice wavering. “Charlie had an accident….” OMG. … Continue reading

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Why Motherhood is Kicking My Ass

Can I be honest with you? Motherhood is kicking my ass these days. Most of the time, I love being Charlie’s mom. He’s so beautiful and amazing. There are days when he’s loving and cuddly, when he smiles from morning … Continue reading

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Charlie’s First Thanksgiving

It seems so simple to say, but the love behind these words is deep and complex and complete: Charlie, we are so thankful for you. ******* Charlie, on your first Thanksgiving… You hung out with Grandma Z and the dogs… … Continue reading

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Conversations with Grandma

My Mama (preparing to read to Charlie): How the Grinch Stole Christmas …. …He better not, or I’ll stab him. Me: Wait, what? Mama (mumbling): Grandma grew up on the streets.

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