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Taking a Parenting Break

The clock read 5:03 a.m. when I heard Charlie wake up this morning. I felt a flash of rage when I remembered it was Monday. Are you kidding me, universe? The mental and physical exhaustion from the weekend re-settled. I felt … Continue reading

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Celebrating Five Years

Each year on our anniversary, Charles and I drive across town to visit the place where we were married – The Thursday Club. Last year, I was 11 months pregnant and very, very fat (also, I apparently had a horrid … Continue reading

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Dad Blogs: The Cliches Are True

Parenthood is hard. Seems obvious to say, but cliches are overused for a reason. And in five months of being a dad, what has become obvious to me is that the cliches are all true. Pretty much every warning about the perils … Continue reading

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Date Night

It was a red-letter day: I took a shower, shaved my legs, and put on perfume. Oh yeah, it was Date Night. Last Friday, Charles and I left a fussing Charlie with my mama and ventured out for our first … Continue reading

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The Brightest Rose

I had never watched an episode of “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” before this season, but recorded the first episode in a moment of desperation during those two weeks when I was on maternity leave with no baby. Now, of course, I’m hooked. … Continue reading

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