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Letters to Charlie: Month 27

Dear Charlie, You and I share a funny behavioral tick. I first discovered it when I was 8 or 9 years old in ballet class. During floor exercises, when we’d glide across the floor practicing our dance moves, the instructors … Continue reading

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Transcendental Moments in Parenting

Parenting is incredibly difficult. But the payoff is moments like these, when the joy you feel in your heart can’t be put into words.

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Losing It: My Laugh Attack

My mother isn’t what you’d call a technogeek. For example, a few years ago during a troubleshoot call, I asked her to tell me what was on her desktop. “Dust,” she said. To be fair, she doesn’t give herself enough … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Heavy Equipment Edition

Video Bonus: Twinkle, Twinkle…..Garbage Trucks?* (Or, as Charlie says, “Gahbuh tlukths!”) *Note: This video is not intended to be an ad for Herbal Essences. 😉

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That International Trip We Took Four Months Ago

I promised myself over the holiday break that I’d finish writing about our trip to Sweden. But like all good intentions… These days, I find myself thinking more about the visit as I follow @sweden. In what is one of the best … Continue reading

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My Two Favorite Videos Right Now

Teenage Charlie is going to hate me for posting these. Video #1: Charlie & Savannah rock out. Quintessential happy dude. I LOVE how he wiggles his tush, and how Savannah bosses her mother around. Video #2: The bus. More butt … Continue reading

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Charlie’s First Birthday

Through the fog of sleep, I heard it: A tap-tap-tapping, just on the edge of consciousness. I opened my eyes to a pre-dawn, dark bedroom. Tap-tap-tap, it went again. What the heck…? And then, realization. Fuck. It’s raining. I turned … Continue reading

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Letters to Charlie: Month 11

My joyful boy, This is the first month I haven’t posted this letter on time. I have a good excuse – we’ve been visiting Kate and her new baby boy, Carter, in South Carolina! I feel like we learned a … Continue reading

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Charlie vs. Charlie vs. Sophie

SOPHIE! Scrumptious! Care to join me? How nice of you to share. 2011 was a particularly good year for rubber giraffes, don’t you think? Topnotes of rubber, with a subtle rubber undertone and a lovely rubbery finish. ****** Here’s how … Continue reading

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Charlie Vs. The Penguin

Video taken last weekend when my great friend Steven was visiting from Boston. I’ve played it at least once a day when I need to hear Charlie’s infectious laughter.

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