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Letters to Charlie: On Losing Papa

My dear child, It’s easy to say that all grandparents love their grandchildren, but there was something truly special about your relationship with Papa. Perhaps it was because you have his name, or because he cared for you so much when you … Continue reading

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Id, Ego & Super-ego

Special thanks to Husband Charles for designing and making our Halloween costume-shirts. Can’t wait for my mom to see them! 😉

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Charlie’s First Birthday

Through the fog of sleep, I heard it: A tap-tap-tapping, just on the edge of consciousness. I opened my eyes to a pre-dawn, dark bedroom. Tap-tap-tap, it went again. What the heck…? And then, realization. Fuck. It’s raining. I turned … Continue reading

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Charlie’s Six-Month Portraits

Remember our good friends Amy and Paul over at Reams Photo? Sure you do. They took our amazing maternity photos in March. We asked them to capture Charlie at his adorable six months of age. The following pictures are the … Continue reading

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New use for the pumping bag. I can’t believe it took him six months to figure this out. In other news, I’ve been (pretty much) exclusively pumping for six months. Is has NOT been easy. Go me! Go breastmilk! WOULD … Continue reading

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Charlie’s First Thanksgiving

It seems so simple to say, but the love behind these words is deep and complex and complete: Charlie, we are so thankful for you. ******* Charlie, on your first Thanksgiving… You hung out with Grandma Z and the dogs… … Continue reading

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First Halloween

Charlie, the Mouse Mom, the Cat Dad, an interpretation of Cheese More of the Mouse (Hat from ElleGanT’s Etsy page) Council of Elrond Babies First Pumpkin And one for the road…

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