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Post-Baby Bucket List

This post should probably be renamed “Post-Baby Bucket Items” because I really only had two. 1) Get back to my original weight. If you recall, I was an overachiever and gained nearly 55 pounds. When people tell me how happy … Continue reading

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Celebrating Five Years

Each year on our anniversary, Charles and I drive across town to visit the place where we were married – The Thursday Club. Last year, I was 11 months pregnant and very, very fat (also, I apparently had a horrid … Continue reading

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Body After Baby: Update

Since I return to work tomorrow, I thought I’d take stock of Body After Baby. If you recall, I ate everything I saw gained 55 lbs during pregnancy, bringing me up to a substantial 219 lbs. My goal weight for … Continue reading

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Dad Blogs: Unborn Baby Music Hour

One of the things I most look forward to in fatherhood is teaching Charlie.  There’s so much I love about the world, so much that fascinates me, and the thought of sharing it with him excites me to no end.  I do … Continue reading

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Body After Baby

Charlie is almost a month old (zomg), so I thought I’d take stock of body after baby. RECOVERY: My body went through a lot when giving birth (hello third-degree perineal tear!), and the first two weeks were pretty tough physically. … Continue reading

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Our Birth Story, Part 4

So, the epidural. Getting the epidural was TOUGH, but ultimately worth it. The process took about 20 minutes. They make you hunch over your gigantic, contracting uterus at the edge of the bed, which should be added somewhere as a … Continue reading

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Our Birth Story, Part 3

So, I’m in natural labor. Hells to the yes. Midwife wanders in about 12:30 a.m. to see if I’ve dilated since my water broke. Nope. Cervix is still closed for business (which confuses me; how did all that water get … Continue reading

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