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Letters to Jack: Month 4

My dear Jack, Tomorrow, on the day you turn four months old, we’ll be moving into our new house. You’ll have no memory of this place we’ve called home for the last six years – the home to which we … Continue reading

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Letters to Jack: Month 2

Jackers Crackers (your first nickname!), This has been an exciting month, and by exciting I mean kind of awful. It started with you not sleeping at all during the day. Then it became crying when you were awake. Then it turned into screaming uncontrollably when you … Continue reading

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Letters to Jack: Month 1

Well, hello there, my sweet boy. Welcome to your first letter. You’ve been in our lives for one month, and what a fantastic month it has been. Oh, there have been difficult moments, but your Dad and I seem more level-headed … Continue reading

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Jack’s Birth Story

Somehow, I was able to catalogue Charlie’s birth story only a week after he was born. Today, Jack is three weeks old. I guess having two children triples the time it takes to do anything. If I were to summarize Charlie’s birth … Continue reading

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Letters to Charlie: Month 26

My boy, Recently I’ve found myself wondering how and when you got so big. I barely remember the tiny baby who learned to grasp a block, sign “milk,” and say Mommy. You’ve replaced him with a talkative, stair-climbing, independent, inquisitive 2-year-old. … Continue reading

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Pre-Dawn Mental Acrobatics with a Neurotic Mom

Time: 4:06 a.m Setting: Throughout the night, Charlie has inexplicably awoken every hour crying, falling back asleep only after we rock him in the crib. We moved the clocks back several days ago, and he still won’t sleep in past … Continue reading

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Letters to Charlie: Month 16.5

Dearest Charlie, Right now, you are upstairs sleeping on our last night in Sweden. We’ve spent the last 2.5 weeks here visiting Jerri and Hans, who are dear, dear, dear friends of our family. We’ve had so many adventures, which … Continue reading

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