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Letter to My Husband: On Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Dear Charles, When Charlie was younger and beginning to ask questions about the world, he’d point to your wedding ring and ask, “What’s that?” “Mommy,” you’d say, with tenderness. “This means Mommy.” For 10 years, you and I have worn these rings, which represent … Continue reading

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Losing It: My Laugh Attack

My mother isn’t what you’d call a technogeek. For example, a few years ago during a troubleshoot call, I asked her to tell me what was on her desktop. “Dust,” she said. To be fair, she doesn’t give herself enough … Continue reading

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Baby- and Husband-less

6 girlfriends 4 days 72 hours in Vegas 0 babies 0 husbands/boyfriends 2 vacuum-sealed cases of rum/vodka 1 word: EPIC This was the first time I’d been away from Charlie for an extended period of time and I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Celebrating Five Years

Each year on our anniversary, Charles and I drive across town to visit the place where we were married – The Thursday Club. Last year, I was 11 months pregnant and very, very fat (also, I apparently had a horrid … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday…A Day Late

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Charlie’s Six-Month Portraits

Remember our good friends Amy and Paul over at Reams Photo? Sure you do. They took our amazing maternity photos in March. We asked them to capture Charlie at his adorable six months of age. The following pictures are the … Continue reading

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First Halloween

Charlie, the Mouse Mom, the Cat Dad, an interpretation of Cheese More of the Mouse (Hat from ElleGanT’s Etsy page) Council of Elrond Babies First Pumpkin And one for the road…

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Letters to Charlie: Month 5

Dear Charlie, This month’s shout-out goes to evolution for the opposable thumb. You found yours this month and it has completely transformed bedtime and naps. All the parenting books said we should let you learn to put yourself to sleep, … Continue reading

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New Nicknames

Like all nursing moms, I spend a lot of time shirtless at home. This makes my husband very happy. He has begun referring to me by a series of nicknames. I thought I’d share. Tits McGee Boobs Johnson Gazongas O’Riley … Continue reading

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Dad Blogs: Unborn Baby Music Hour

One of the things I most look forward to in fatherhood is teaching Charlie.  There’s so much I love about the world, so much that fascinates me, and the thought of sharing it with him excites me to no end.  I do … Continue reading

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